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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Istana furniture

We are the artisans, craftsmen and manufacturer of natural wooden products from Jepara.

We carve and form the natural resources: wood, root, distinctive wood to make the unique ans special products. 
We more are artisan, handcraft-er then the mass product manufacturing company. We utilize wood and natural resources discover to make special product. We combine our our traditional skill as wood crafter and carpenter with the updated woodworking technology to produce the special product. 
We worked with many craftsmen as our partner. We control our production process with modern management to keep the quality and the on timing schedule. Our product are considered as the art product but with the high standard of quality.   

Our product :

  • Root wood.
  • Carved wood
  • Petrified Wood 
  • Antique furniture

For more information, please contact our marketing:
Mrs Sari or Mr Nunung:
Phone  : 62- 877 3383 1873
email    :